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TCMF Concert

We are thrilled to announce the programs for Torrey Chamber Music Festival’s 8th Season, Stories and Legends. Through our accessible free preview series, our ticketed feature performances, and our new all ages interactive family concert, we are excited to reach audiences throughout Wayne County and the Colorado Plateau! This year’s theme explores storytelling through music, choosing works where composers showcase personal narratives as well as popular and folk legends. 

Our musician line-up includes eight musicians from around the world who come together to collaborate and be inspired by the beautiful scenery of the area. Violinists from the Utah Symphony to the Frankfurt Radio Orchestra, the brilliant returning cellist Annamarie Reader, and a clarinet player are included on our roster this year! We will be performing the Mozart clarinet quintet, quartets by Shostakovich and Smetana, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, and works by new and emerging talents in the classical music field. 


Friday, June 14 • 7pm | Torrey Schoolhouse

“From My Life” Stories through music

Tickets $30

Saturday, June 15 • 2pm | Wayne County Community Center 

Family Concert 

Adults $10/Youth free

Saturday, June 15 • 7pm | Teasdale Cultural Hall

"Clarinet Spotlight"

Adults $30/Youth free

Sunday, June 16 • 5pm | Boulder Creek Canyon Ranch Brown Barn, Presented in partnership with the Boulder Arts Council

"Festival Highlights Concert"

Adults $30/Youth free

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